Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Beautiful Moment at Golf

I just remembered something that happened the morning we played golf at Hickam, and wanted to mention it.

A group of women were teeing off about a half-hour after us, and they were gathered on the lanai, drinking coffee and chatting. One tiny Asian woman struck up a conversation with us, and when she found out that Frank & I had just celebrated our 31st anniversary, she asked us if we were Christians, and if so, she'd like to sing us an anniversary song. I said, yes, we were Christians, and we'd love a song. So, she sang us the most beautiful little song, blessing our anniversary. I thought that was just so sweet! And even though I'd just met her, I felt compelled to give her a hug, which she happily accepted.

It's moments like this that give life its meaning, I think. And although this little lady will probably never know the gift she gave me that morning, I thank her, and bless the light of God within her.


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