Friday, December 16, 2005

Come Along With Me to Hawaii

12/4/05 – 6:34 AM

It’s WAY too early to be up and sitting in an airport lounge. Not, by the way, in the Business Class lounge like I was the last time I flew back in June when we were on our way to Austria. It’s back to traveling like the vast majority—in tourist class. Today payment come due for that wonderful flight to Vienna; I’ll always and forever be comparing flights to that.

So, Frank & I are here at Dulles, waiting for the first leg of our flight to Honolulu. (The reason for our trip? Like you have to HAVE a reason to go to Hawaii! We’re celebrating our 31st anniversary there, and the trip is our anniversary present AND our Christma present this year.

So…I’m half asleep as I write this. Eyelids are growing heavy. I need coffee. No. I need more sleep.

12/4/05 -- 12:32 PM

Okay, so we’re sitting here in a 767 at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and so far, it’s been about an hour. Apparently, there was a leak in a hydraulic line (sounds scary!) and they had to get a part from the hangar, and now, I’m assuming, they’re repairing the plane. I sure hope they repair it before we get going. I just hope it doesn’t take much longer.

When we first got onboard, they had Hawaiian music playing, and we watched a video about Hawaii about a hundred times before they finally stopped it. Talk about relief! I’ve never been a big fan of that ukulele music—if that’s the instrument who makes that ooka ooka sound. (Don’t know how else to describe it.) Now, something almost as annoying is playing on the video—“Everybody Loves Raymond.” <>

And now we’ve just heard from the captain that the repair is going to take approximately another hour. Why the hell couldn’t we have been delayed before we boarded. We’ve got eight hours in this aircraft. Why should we have to sit in it an extra two hours? Well, I’m just glad we ate in the airport. Otherwise, I’d really be grumpy.


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